Additional photomontages

Mar 23, 2017

Following the community information session in February of 2017 where we exhibited photomontages, several members of the community requested additional viewpoints from specific locations. In response, Neoen has produced a set of four additional photomontages from viewpoints at Bird Hill, Beetaloo Valley Road, Mills Road and the Wilkins Highway. These photomontages are based on the preliminary design layout that was presented at the community information session. Please note that this preliminary design layout will be further developed, and is likely to change prior to construction.

If you have any questions about the photomontages, please feel free to contact us at Alternatively, you can click on ‘Contact Us’ and send us a message or fill out the Community Feedback Form.


Photomontage from Wilkins Highway

Photomontage from Mills Road

Photomontage from Bird Hill

Photomontage from Beetaloo Valley Road