Neoen submits final Response to Community Submissions

Neoen submits final Response to Community Submissions

Neoen thanks the community members who provided feedback and comments on the Crystal Brook Energy Park (CBEP) Development Application in both written and verbal form. These comments have been tremendously valuable.

Neoen has now submitted its second and final Response to Community Submissions to the Department of Planning. Both the first and second responses aim to provide clarity on the questions and issues raised by community members in their submissions, and are attached to this post for download by interested members of the public.

The State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP) will now consider these responses along with the original Development Application and formulate a recommendation on the project to the South Australian Minister for Planning, who will make a decision in the coming months.

Although the formal public consultation process for the Development Application is coming to a close, the community engagement process is ongoing, and the CBEP project team remains available to assist with any questions or comments from community members and stakeholders.

Response to Submissions Final

Second Response to Community Submissions

Attachment A – EPA (Infrasound Levels Near Wind Farms)

Attachment B – Port Pirie Council Development Plan

Attachment B(1) – 2012 Amendment to Wind Farm Planning Guidelines

Attachment C – SA Wind Farm Development Guidelines

Attachment D – Supplementary Aviation Response

Attachment E – CASA Comments

Attachment F – Sheep Trial Parkes

Attachment G – January 2017 mail-out to neighbours within 5km

Attachment H – Correspondence with Mr Hatter

Attachment I – Correspondence with Mr Cunningham

Attachment J – Correspondence with Ms Laurie & Mr Wooley

Attachment K – 8 February Community Information Session Flyer

Attachment L – 26 March Open Day Advertisement & Flyer


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